Dr. Donald Menzel

Dr. Donald Menzel worked during WWII in the Navy as a cryptologist. he was a professor in Astrophysics and Director of the Harvard College Observatory, and had close associations with Bush, Berkner, and Bronk. He is chiefly remembered for his dismissive statements and three books on UFOs, all of which, he said, could be explained in mundane terms. Doctor Menzel was known for his discretion with regard to classified matters. He had learned Japanese and was an expert on crypt-analysis. In April 1986, Stanton Friedman asked for the approval of his wife and 2 government officials to look into his personal files. It was found out that he was deeply involved with the National Security Agency for almost 30 years, and had a Top Secret Ultra security clearance from the CIA and had close relationships with other MJ-12 members. He has served as a Advisor to many American companies, worked for the government on many secret projects, and was a Security Advisor for several Presidents. He made government paid trips to New Mexico in 1947 and 1948. He knew Senator John F. Kennedy, by his first name “Jack.” He survived a loyalty hearing during the McCarthy era after fellow Massachusettsian, WWII buddy Dr. Vannevar Bush, vouched for him. And after “Jack” became President of the United States, hinted to him that he wouldn’t mind an appointment.


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