John Von Neumann was born on 28 December 1903 in Budapest, Hungary, and died at the young age of fifty-three on 8 February 1957 in Washington, D.C. A child genius born into a Budapest banking family, Von Neumann could divide eight-digit numbers in his head at the age of six! Having studied Chemistry at the University of Budapest in 1921, he later received a diploma in 1925 in Chemical Engineering and a Doctoral Degree in Mathematics in 1928. With political unrest looming in Europe, in 1930 Von Neumann visited Princeton University, and when the Institute for Advanced Studies was founded there in 1933, he was appointed to be one of the original six Professors of Mathematics. Throughout the Second World War, Von Neumann served on several national committees and brought together the needs of the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Manhattan Project and was a recognized authority in hydrodynamics, ballistics, meteorology, game theory, statistics, and was a major contributor in the field of computing. In the 1950s, Von Neumann was employed as a consultant to IBM to review proposed and ongoing advanced technology projects.

Relvance to Majestic Documents:

In November 1983, Dr. Robert Irving Sarbacher of the Washington Institute of Technology (who had also worked with the Research and Development Board) confirmed to researcher William Steinman that Von Neumann had worked with Vannevar Bush and Robert Oppenheimer on a project involving crashed UFOs and alien bodies.

John Von Neumann’s FBI Files:

 Part 1a (14.3 MB) 
 Part 1b (8.7 MB) 
 Part 1c (16.6 MB) 
 Part 1d (14.9 MB)

 Part 2a (8.9 MB) 
 Part 2b (11.3 MB) 
 Part 2c (13.2 MB)


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