Dr. Lloyd V. Berkner

Dr. Lloyd V. Berkner was an alleged member of MJ-12. Berkner was executive secretary of the Joint Research and Development Board under Dr. Vannevar Bush. He also chaired the committee whose study led to the establishment of the Weapons Systems Evaluation Group. Berkner subsequently served on the “Robertson Panel”, a civilian scientific advisory panel requested by the Eisenhower White House, chaired by Cal Tech mathematician Dr. H. P. Robertson and convened and funded by the CIA. In 1950 and later, he was a member of a UFO group that was also funded by the CIA.

Dr. Lloyd V. Berkner Special Studies Personnel Form

 Dr. Lloyd V. Berkner Special Studies Personnel Form
From the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis comes a copy Lloyd Berkner’s Notice of Personnel Action dated 2-11-59. Clearly stated is the “Executive Office of the President Special Projects (M) Washington D.C.” also “Appointment by the President as a Member, President’s Science Advisory Committee,” effective 12-1-57, was for the term ending 12-31-58. Given the history of other Majestic and MJ-12 documents, Berkner was clearly involved in something special with the Executive Office. The “M,” possibly for MAJIC just adds to the circumstantial evidence.



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