Rear Admiral John E. Gingrich was born in Dodge City, Kansas, on 23 February 1897, and joined the U.S. Naval Academy in 1916. After graduation in 1919, Admiral Gingrich was assigned to the USS Pennsylvania and later served aboard the USS Maryland and the USS Rochester. In August 1940, Gingrich reported for duty as Aide to the Under Secretary of the Navy; and in May 1944 became Aide to the Secretary of the Navy. After the Second World War came to a close, the Rear Admiral served as Chief of Staff and Aide to the Commander, Carrier Task Force 2, Pacific Fleet; and in July 1946 became Assistant Chief of Naval Operations and Director of Reserve Naval Operations, Navy Department. In August 1947, John E. Gingrich was appointed Director of the newly created Division of Security and Intelligence for the Atomic Energy Commission. Declassified FBI files on Gingrich show that at the time of his appointment he was working closely with the Central Intelligence Group. Gingrich’s prime tasks while serving with the AEC were (a) to coordinate the control of classified information, (b) to ensure that correct clearance procedures for prospective AEC employees were followed, (c) to maintain the security of AEC installations, and (d) to act as a point of liaison with the FBI.

Relvance to Majestic Documents

Rear Admiral Gingrich appears as a Panel member on the “Majestic Twelve Project, 1st Annual Report,” that deals with, among other issues, biological warfare development; nuclear technology; the relationship between UFOs and the Cold War; and the Social, Scientific, and Religious implications and reactions to the UFO problem.

 John E. Gingrich’s FBI File (2.5 MB)


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