Ryan S. Wood

Ryan Wood earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo in 1978. Following graduation he began a product marketing career at Intel Corporation, marketing and computer sales at Digital Equipment, engineering management at Toshiba, then marketing and sales at two Silicon Valley start-ups. From 1989 – 1996 he was an independent consultant, focusing on improving client business success primarily through better promotion, customer service, product communication, and sales. For the last five years, until present, he has been the director of business development and sales at an energy conservation company.

Notable achievements have come from efforts at public relations, marketing communications, strategic planning and product sales. Most recently, closing an 18 million dollar contract with Bonneville Power Administration for the purchase of energy conservation devices. Tactical accomplishments include product launch press placements in major print; for example, the Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, and major market TV coverage on CBS, NBC, and ABC.

A veteran of numerous product introductions, Mr. Wood has developed and executed advertising and promotion campaigns, direct mail programs, and telemarketing in both consumer businesses (900 numbers, world-wide-web, lottery software) and industrial products (energy conservation, document imaging, medical imaging, semiconductors, and computer systems) Mr. Wood is talented at sales, customer support, market research, strategic planning, finance, briefing preparations, public speaking and product management and introductions. He has given more than 40 large audience talks or seminars.

Major UFO efforts have been around documents, their authenticity, and related validation. He manages the content of www.majesticdocuments.com, has completed a television documentary titled, “The Secret,” with Dr. Robert M. Wood, along with publishing two books and a CD-ROM dealing with the Majestic documents and their authenticity. Other UFO-related projects include papers titled: “Ufology: In Search Of Leadership,” “Abductee Blood Analysis,” and “Fundraising: The Motherlode of UFO Membership.” As a UFO investigator with MUFON he has chosen to specialize in the strategic problems of ufology: unquestionable proof, improved media acceptance, and a dramatic ten-fold membership increase.

Mr. Wood is an Eagle Scout, Black Belt in Goju-Ryu, a triathlete, a promoter, and an avid entrepreneur.

Recent Articles:


The First Roswell: Evidence For A Crash Retrieval In Cape Girardeau Missouri In 1941 (1.3 MB)
Paper presented at the International MUFON Symposium in Irvine, CA, July 2001.
This paper reviews the primary and secondary sources and evidence for the reality of an extraterrestrial spacecraft crash-retrieval in Cape Girardeau, Missouri in the spring of 1941. It draws upon the new Majestic and Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit intelligence documents that support the hypothesis of an extraterrestrial crash and reviews the authenticity results for each. Furthermore, suggestive and supporting authentic documents interconnect to these new ones and ultimately advance the reasonable conclusion that according to both the paper trail and witnesses this is the “First Roswell.” Close attention is paid to the primary witness, Reverend Huffman, and related testimony of granddaughter Charlette Mann. Historical research in the area has identified other witnesses and likely participants in the event. Specifics, of police, fire, photographers, coroners and military commanders that likely should have been at the scene are analyzed and tested for accuracy. Other sources are analyzed for validity and contrasted with known historical facts, pinning down the date and location of the event.


Psychological Warfare and the Majestic Documents: Little Evidence of Deception (74k)
This paper on Psychological Warfare and the Majestic documents leads the reader through the basic principles of psywar and psychological operations (psyop). It then develops a series of tests or criteria to determine the fingerprints of a psywar operation and tests those criteria against the body of “leaked” Majestic-12 documents. Career military experts in psywar are interviewed and find no evidence that the Majestic documents are intended for a specific target or to accomplish a defined objective, a necessary prerequisite of an effective psyop. In fact, these documents if leaked in the 50’s or 60’s would have engendered intense espionage by many foreign powers — exactly the wrong outcome.

FISA, UFOs, and National Security (24k)
The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) of October 25, 1978 is ostensibly designed for detecting, tracking, and catching spies from other governments. The Act’s powers are tremendous. The court’s decisions are reached in secret with no published orders, opinions, or public record. Probable cause for electronic and physical searches may result solely from the basis of associations, membership in an organization, or status. All it takes is for a Federal officer—typically FBI or NSA— to fill out the paperwork and have the Department of Justice approve it, and then U.S. citizen constitutional rights are erased. The public is expected to accept on blind faith that law enforcement and intelligence agencies are not overstepping their bounds. The critical question is the interpretation of foreign intelligence—does that include U.S. citizens investigating alien and extraterrestrial matters?