Government Scientists

Possible MJ-12 Government Scientists

 Possible MJ-12 Government Scientists (8k)

These distinguished individuals, people like Einstein, Vannevar Bush, Lincoln LaPaz and Theodore Von Karman have either directly been linked to the Majestic program or by inference are suspected as likely participants. In several cases, the resulting FBI files and archive research have moved suspected involvement closer to clear proof.

Possible Prospects for R&D Chairman, 1949

 Possible Prospects for R&D; Chairman, 1949 (438k)

Retrieved from Truman’s Presidential Library, this three-page memo outlines the people that could and could not be considered for chairmanship of the 1949 Research and Development Board, which Vannevar Bush was the chairman of at the time. These people, even to be considered for the leadership of one of the most central MJ-12 functions—namely reverse engineering—logically already were directly briefed on MJ-12 or were working on classified subsections of the overall enigma. These are experts in their day from prestigious organizations such as California Institute of Technology, Cornell University, Harvard, Dupont, University of Chicago, Columbia, Bell Labs, MIT, Westinghouse, John Hopkins, National Academy of Sciences, and General Electric. Some 55 people were considered or deliberately rejected. The review committee consisted of Vannevar Bush, Dr. Oliver Buckley, Dr. A. M Richards, and Dr. Detlev Bronk.

Berkner, Lloyd V. 
Bronk, Dr. Detlev 
Bush, Dr. Vannevar

Dryden, Hugh L. 
Dulles, Allen Welsh

Einstein, Albert 
Evans, Dr. Robley

Forrestal, James

Gingrich, John E. 
Gray, Gordon

Hannes, Olf G. A.
Hunsaker, Dr. Jerome

Lay, Jr., James S. 
Lovelace, Randolph 
Lynch, Thomas J.

Menzel, Dr. Donald H.

Oppenheimer, Robert I.

Sagan, Carl 
Spellman, Archbishop Francis J.

Von Braun, Wernher 
Von Karman, Dr. Theodore 
Von Neumann, Dr. John L.