The authors of www.majesticdocuments.com have consulted with lawyers about the legality of revealing alleged government secrets. The laws covering this area are Title 18 Sections 793 and 794 which pertain to espionage. The lawyer asked three questions: 1. did you pay anyone for these documents?, 2. did you steal these documents?, and 3. did you coerce anyone for these documents? The answer to all these questions is: NO. Furthermore, after interviewing many of the other sources of MAJESTIC, MAJIC, and MJ-12 documents, we feel confident that they too would answer the legal questions in the negative.

However, a gray area exists. Is it reasonable to believe that these documents are likely still classified? Yes, unless their creation and existence is illegal in itself.

Many of the alleged classified documents presented here have been made public in another form or or at another time. Historically, the military has ignored ufology and its actions to unravel the Cosmic Watergate; yet, in the last ten years the Air Force and other government agencies have made more public statements. For example, the “crash test dummies” explanation of Roswell, of the balloon explanation of Roswell in “Case Closed,” or finally by proclamation as in the case of the FBI simply stating on their website (www.fbi.gov) that the Eisenhower Briefing Document (EBD) is bogus with no meaningful discussion.