Documents Dated 1970-Present

UFO Sovereignty Over Air Space

 UFO Sovereignty Over Air Space: A Defense Intelligence Problem, ~1976 (949k) Authenticity Meter: Medium-High Level 
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Believed to be written by the Office of Scientific Intelligence in 1976, this seven page photocopied onionskin document is titled UFO Sovereignty Over Air Space: A Defense Intelligence Problem. The document is signed by LCR ‘ the initials of an astronomer attached to the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence in the 1970’s. LCR talks about the way in which UFOs have violated U.S. airspace on numerous occasions; the way in which Top Secret UFO data has been withheld from elected leaders by the CIA; the recovery of a crashed UFO in New Mexico in 1947 by the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project; the fear of a nuclear confrontation with the Soviets being prompted by UFO radar tracks; President John F. Kennedy’s involvement in the UFO controversy; UFOs and the Cuban missile crisis of 1962; and LCR’s initiative to begin reintroducing presidential briefings on the UFO subject. The discussion of organizational slowdowns, denied information and management dilemmas are typical of bureaucracies, irrespective of topic. Such references in the discussion are consistent with a pragmatic working document, not for sensationalism or public melodrama.

Unidentified Flying Object Implication for Nation Security and Human Survival

 Unidentified Flying Object Implication for Nation Security and Human Survival, December 1976 (390k) Authenticity Meter: Medium Level
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This paper is an Executive Briefing for the Director of Central Intelligence titled: Unidentified Flying Object Implication for Nation Security and Human Survival. LCR reveals that between 1946 and 1955 he was tasked with preparing information on UFOs and the U.S. Intelligence community that was published in a 1956 book written by him, published by the CIA and titled Central Intelligence, UFOs, and National Security. It reveals the surprising fact that many secret documents concerning UFO encounters at Los Alamos and the White Sands Missile Range in the period 1944-1949 were destroyed and also reveals how this caused problems in trying to evaluate the true picture from a historical perspective. The paper also touches upon the CIA’s role in espionage and UFO investigations, and LCR’s examination of the CIA’s historical UFO studies.

Edward Teller's Pitch to President Reagan for SDI

 Edward Teller’s Pitch to President Reagan for SDI, ~1980s (486k) Authenticity Meter: Medium Level

In this five-page double-spaced memo written for President Reagan’s approval, Dr. Edward Teller clearly shows his familiarity with the UFO subject and its threat to National Security. It opens with a gripping sentence, “I wish to bring to your attention a very real and dangerous situation that threatens not only us, the world, but our very existence as a race.” It goes on to state, “No longer can the United States be in the position which it found itself in 1947. This was realized in January 1950 when President Truman made a decision to go ahead with a defense program exceeding in scope and cost of the Manhattan Project.” What could this have been? The only logical conclusion is that it was a massive effort to exploit the celestial gifts as FDR recommended in his 24 February 1944 Double Top Secret Memo to the Special Committee on Non-Terrestrial Science and Technology.

UFO Technology and the Imbalance of Power

 UFO Technology and the Imbalance of Power by Edward Teller, ~1980s (677k) Authenticity Meter: Medium Level 
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Another fascinating paper, titled UFO Technology and the Imbalance of Power, is attributed to Edward Teller and is a five-page photocopy of onionskin paper. It goes into great detail about the nature of official secrecy and the benefits and the hazards of secrecy both in the Cold War and in the present day. Teller proposes that official secrecy surrounding UFOs should be lessened for three prime reasons: (a) to stimulate research in the field of military applications of UFO technology; (b) to promote cooperation between the USA and its allies around the world on the UFO issue; and (c) to inform the U.S. public of “the true state of UFO reality.” Teller also proposes that the majority of classified UFO documents should be declassified. In addition, Teller discusses the use of UFO technology integrated into the U.S. military’s remotely piloted vehicle (RPV) program and maintaining an adequate defense against “UFO nuclear weapons.”

 Aquarius Teletype, 17 November 1990 (190k) Authenticity Meter: Medium Level

It is believed that this is a retyped Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) document that Bill Moore received. Although the focus of the controversy is around the Aquarius project, Paul Bennewitz, and the film that is discussed in the document, the comment about MJ – TWELVE is secondary and off hand to the whole teletype. There is an excellent 8 page write up from International UFO Reporter (IUR) about the authenticity of this document which can be downloaded from the Authenticationsection.

Aquarius Briefing Document, undated (cover page only) Authenticity Meter: Medium-High Level

This eleven page document is the product of Bill Moore’s photography in some obscure East Coast hotel room according to his story. The content is fascinating but difficult to check; mentions of the ETs being from Zeta Reticuli is consistent with earlier work by Marjorie Fish. The document is being retyped for legibility. Others have studied this document in detail, we are beginning to review the literature and talk with other investigators.

Aircraft Drawing and Memo

 S-Aircraft Drawing and Memo by Thomas Cantwheel, 30 January 1996 (213k) Authenticity Meter: Medium Level

On January 30, 1996, Thomas Cantwheel wrote a two-page memo, which included a drawing of an unidentified aerodyne found July 5, 1947 south of Socorro, New Mexico by military and civilian members of the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project (AFSWP). The memo begins: ‘The ‘loaned’ aircraft was acquired in 1945 from the Air Technical Services Command (ATSC, now AEDS, Air Force Systems Command). The ‘S’ aircraft was designed from an aerodyne recovered in 1941 that crashed in southeastern Missouri and the one captured in 1942 in Louisiana. Reconstruction commenced in 1945 with the assistance of German scientists at Wright Field. Propulsion programs tried to duplicate the atomic power plant found in the aerodyne captured in Louisiana and integrated the magnetic drive system developed by Tesla’ Efforts to conceal the true nature of flight operations were successful in that the AF devised a cover intelligence project called Blue Book’ In 1958, Project UFO and Moon Dust were activated when the USA Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit operations ceased and CIC responsibility for UFO security was transferred to USAFOSI.’

Salina to Cooper

 Handwritten Note from Salina to Tim Cooper, 5 June 1996 (36k) Authenticity Meter: Medium Level

This short note written on 5 June 1996 shows the link between Cantwheel (later believed to be Cantwell) and his daughter Salina; we doubt seriously that either name is real. It states that Salina’s father (Cantwell) wanted Tim Cooper to have these documents and that she worked at the CIA in Counterintelligence (CI) under Jim Angleton.


 CIA to MAJSEC ‘ TOP SECRET JEHOVAH, November 1998 (27k) Authenticity Meter: Medium Level

Chronologically, this is the most recent document to cite the words TOP SECRET MAJESTIC. With hand written references to “Weird Desk and A51” this document provides a glimpse into the modern world of asset code names, and instant assignations for unauthorized disclosure. The document is rich with key phrases such as Project ‘KOHTPOA,’ MOD and KGB officials, Dreamland, Area 54 & 17, leaks by Teller, Sagan, China problems, and contacting’33’ investors. Many of the details are checkable.

UFOs, The CIA, and Congress

 Unidentified Flying Objects, The CIA, and Congress, Essay by Source S-1 (443k) Authenticity Meter: Medium-High Level

Source S-1 writes a memo entitled Unidentified Flying Objects, the CIA, and Congress. It opens with an interesting story of an interview with President Truman by the FBI and states: ‘he was asked the embarrassing question did you authorize Operation Majestic 12? To which he replied ‘I never gave any thought about it after leaving office.’ He added, ‘it was not my intention when I set up the CIA would be injected into strange activities of that sort.’ He was upset when the subject was brought up and it was sensed that Mr. Truman was being coy and evasive.’

The paper goes on to discuss congressional surveillance concerning the UFO issue, which came to a head in the Senate in early 1956. ‘The specific point at issue was whether Congress was to establish a standing Joint Committee on the CIA, similar to the joint Committee on Atomic Energy, to provide a fuller and continuing look at the United States UFO intelligence programs. The CIA’s UFO intelligence budget is concealed within the budgets of various government departments, mainly that of the Defense Department. The average member of Congress has no more knowledge than the average citizen of annual expenditures or of the size and scope CIA UFO operations…

“Ever since CIA was established, the director has been authorized, and in fact, directed to make complete disclosure of CIA UFO activities to special committees in both the Senate and House. The CIA is at times completely responsive to their questions, no matter how sensitive. For example, during the first 12 weeks as DCI Admiral William F. Raborn was called to 17 meetings with these congressional committees. The legislative log for the year 1965 shows that the DCI or his senior (sic) aides met a total of 34 times with four special subcommittees.’ Additionally, there are three tabs attached to the paper that discuss arguments in favor of a joint UFO committee and arguments against it.

Important Memo

 Important Memo from Source S-1, 7 July 1999 (1 MB*) Authenticity Meter: Medium Level
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This seven page IMPORTANT letter starts “Please read everything I am about to tell you as the truth. I am not a prankster or a wacko. My reason for typing this letter is to give you the facts as I know them. I am what is called in the spy jargon a ‘walk in.'” The memo is rich in detail mentioning a whole slew of code words, TRINE, UMBRA, SACRED, JEHOVAH, MAJESTIC, ZODIAC, SPIRITUAL, ENVIRONMENT and MEDEA. The memo is hard to summarize because of its varied content, but it discusses the CIA role, UFO/EBE working groups, and historical events like the JFK assassination.