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Help expand the scope and quality of evidence that shows that UFOs are real, extraterrestrial, and the government has been hiding the truth from the world.

At the core of our ongoing success is building a bigger portfolio of witnesses and unique documentary evidence. If you have relevant documents or testimony and you believe that sharing this information is not in violation of the law, or would like advice in that regard, please contact us through one of the methods on this page.

Encrypted File Submission

If you would like to send us information or documents in a way that would be fully end to end encrypted and more anonymous, we have a Tor site set up, which requires using a Tor Browser to access and use. If you are not familiar with Tor, click here to learn more. We have set up this system using the same encryption methods as the WikiLeaks document submission site . Wikileaks also recommends using Tails in certain situations for increased security.


Copy this address into your Tor browser. Advanced users, if they wish, can also add a further layer of encryption to their submission using our public PGP key.

Submit Evidence By Mail​

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Volunteer to Assist with Research​

Research — Our goal at Majestic is to provide an outstanding resource and dissemination vehicle for the investigation of UFO-related documents. If you are interested in military history, archival research, witness interviewing, and private investigation, contact us using the form above explaining your background, areas of interest, and how you would like to help the effort.

Ongoing Research Projects and Desired Areas of Expertise:

  • Forensic linguistics and stylistics
  • Language and linguistic research
  • People with easy access to the presidential libraries, especially the Kennedy Library in Boston Massachusetts, Roosevelt Library, Truman Library in Independence Missouri, and Eisenhower Library.
  • Retired military personnel that knew any of the actual or alleged Majestic Personnel
  • Genealogy researchers, people willing to track down obituaries and their children
  • Current or former private investigators, detectives, FBI or Secret Service agents

Also, the following article is highly recommended:

A Guide to UFO Research by Michael D. Swords (Copyright 1993 Journal of Scientific Exploration)
Abstract – The very natural query of the interested intellectual: what should I read to understand the status of the UFO Phenomenon?, has no simple answer. This review article briefly examines the characteristics of the “UFO Problem” and relates those characteristics to the problem of ignorance in the academic community. An “inside look” at the appropriate library for the “working UFOlogist” is then explored.