Documents Dated 1948-1959

Hillenkoetter to Truman: Majic

 Hillenkoetter to Truman: Majic Black Book Summaries, 11 February 1948 (213k) Authenticity Meter: Medium Level

On 11 February 1948, Hillenkoetter (DCI) writes a Top Secret Majic Eyes Only memorandum to the President Truman about the Majic Black Book summaries. It states, “For some time, the last two months in particular, I have had our intelligence liaison organization concentrating on the possible presentation on ‘Majic’ for my use as well as for the other officials concerned, particularly yourself. A highly specialized organization is now engaged in the very necessary process of separating the wheat from the chaff and correlating the items with past information in order that I may be able to quickly and intelligently evaluate the importance of the product.” This memo with 092447 classified executive order (EO) stamp and other marginalia looks to be authentic, and our forensic linguistics resources hopefully will confirm Hillenkoetter authorship.

1st Annual Report

 Majestic Twelve Project, 1st Annual Report, Cover Page, 1948? (101k) Authenticity Meter: Medium-High Level

This cover page defines the members of panel of experts responsible for preparing the report on Majestic. They had a very impressive panel – Bush, McDonald, Vandenberg – all these people you would have expected. The odd one is Major Luther D. Miller, Chief of Chaplains. Additionally, notice the Collection Directive number A-1762.1-J1. This file number also appears on other declassified documents that are related to UFOs. The absence of a date and the reference to CIA SI 28-55 suggests the possibility of evidence of deliberate altering for some purpose, such as psychological warfare.


 CIA JOIA Memo, 12 April 1949 (66k) Authenticity Meter: High Level

Allegedly released by the CIA, but most likely released by National Archives Records Administration (NARA) due to the “approved for release” stamp and valid lower right hand corner control number. The challenge is finding the memo at NARA to prove the document is either real or fake. It mentions CIA Top Secret MJ-12 as a File Distribution. The memo subject is Project 63, which is a known program to import PAPERCLIP (German) scientists into the U.S. via New York city.

White Shot memo

 White Shot Memo, October 1949 (24k) Authenticity Meter: Medium Level

This Top Secret Intelligence Report that is suggestive of a pre-flight (PF) aircraft of “Unidentified” U.S. design. Prepared for signature for both Watson and McCoy, it correctly follows the format of other intelligence reports.

CIA Office of Scientific Intelligence

 CIA Office of Scientific Intelligence, 30 October 1950 (242k) Authenticity Meter: Medium Level

A three page memo CIA Office of Scientific Intelligence titled “Analysis of the Corona and Oscura Peak, New Mexico Wreckage of Unidentified Lenticular Aerodyne Technology” covers flight dynamics, power plant and propulsion, construction, avionics and navigation. Conclusions are startling for 1950: ” construction methods are unknown at this time”, “analysis of the fusion reactor…”, and “travels through space by utilizing the ionizing plasma and the planets magnetic lines of force…”

Biological Weapons Korea

 Communist Propaganda Charging United States with the Use of BW in Korea, 20 August 1951 (350k) Authenticity Meter: High Level

This seven page Secret document appears to be declassified in 1985 and released; it has similar release markings to the JOIA 1412 memo citing “CIA TOP SECRET MJ-12” that the CIA could not find through the FOIA process in 1999. This document discusses propaganda as it relates to the alleged use of biological weapons (BW) by the U.S. in Korea. The thirteen point information report is rich with specifics and history, of particular note is general sophistication of the propaganda and spin on both sides. This relates to the MAJESTIC program only weakly, since we believe psychological warfare will in the end be only a minor component of UFO military document history. The CIA declassified this in 2000.

Purpose and Table of Contents

 Majestic Twelve Project, Purpose and Table of Contents, Summer 1952? (111k) Authenticity Meter: Medium-High Level

For the first time we see the use of “Not For Public Inspection,” “Restricted,” and “For Official Use Only” on a formerly Top Secret Majic document. The table of contents appears to be the standard content covered during the 1st-5th annual reports because it perfectly aligns with the remaining report.

Annual Report, Summer 1952

 Majestic Twelve Project, Annual Report, Summer 1952 (1.4 MB*) Authenticity Meter: Medium Level
*please note this file may take up to 20 min. to download on a slow connection

This draft is not dated, but from dates mentioned in the document (latest is May 1951) we believe that it was written in the summer of 1952, on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the July ’47 crashes. It contains the nature of the investigation, the panel’s contribution to the TOP SECRET MAJESTIC DOCUMENTS, a review of the Military Assessment, and various problems in relation to technology, Nuclear Weapons development, Biological Warfare Programs, Genetic and Pharmaceutical Development Programs, New Material Development, Planned Future Rocket Development, Nuclear Propulsion Development, Intelligence Gathering and Analysis, Foreign Policy and National Security, Domestic and Constitutional Issues, social, religious, and Scientific Reaction, Cold War development, and Government Policy of Control and Denial. Lots of sensational information is contained in the seventeen pages of single-spaced, specific, checkable details. It will take several man-years to validate every phrase and claim. The initial checks we have performed provide no clear indication of fakery at all. See the authentication sections for a discussion of subtle issues here.

Truman to Secretary of Defense

 Truman to Secretary of Defense, 24 October 1952 (802k) Authenticity Meter: Medium Level

This eight page memo by President Truman to the Secretary of State and Defense is about “Communications Intelligence Activities.” In short, it establishes the NSA (National Security Administration). What is interesting is that the same Top Secret Control Number of 7300405 is used on another questioned document of the same era, the Truman Presidential Briefing, discussing unidentified aircraft sightings over the United States. Dated October 24, 1952.

Annex C Fragment

 Annex C Fragment (132k) Authenticity Meter: Medium Level

This document appears to be part of one of the annual reports of MAJESTIC although the numbering does not correspond to the annual report which can be downloaded in its entire draft form. Particularly noteworthy is the handwritten references to “put in Angelton’s ‘Yellow’ files – J1” and “Project White Hot.” The text contains some fascinating details such as “The untimely death of Secretary Forrestal was deemed necessary and regrettable.” From a historical view the document says that because of Twining’s report (White Hot) President Truman was compelled to sign the National Security Act of 1947.

Eisenhower Briefing Document

 Eisenhower Briefing Document, 18 November 1952 (516k) Authenticity Meter: High Level

This “NATIONAL SECURITY INFORMATION” is classified “TOP SECRET”. After identifying the 12 Majestic members, it states that the Kenneth Arnold sighting had caused near hysteria; noted that there was a secret recovery operation starting on 07 July, 1947; four dead bodies; wreckage moved to several locations. It showed Harry Truman’s top-secret memo as Appendix A on page 008 setting up the program. Stan Friedman is a notable expert on this document. Some statements agree and some do not agree with statements in other documents. This does not necessarily imply fakery, because of heavy compartmentalization of the facts. “Implications for the National Security are of continuing importance in that the motives and ultimate intentions of these visitors remain completely unknown.”

President Eisenhower to the Director of Central Intelligence

 President Eisenhower to the Director of Central Intelligence, 4 November 1953 (217k) Authenticity Meter: Medium Level
original followed by replica

This two-page Secret memorandum from President Dwight D. Eisenhower to the Director of Central Intelligence is dated 4 November 1953. The document deals with Eisenhower’s comments on an “MJTWELVE Operations Plan of June 16, 1953 on the subject of instructions for the expenditures of the National UFO Intelligence Program, and more specifically, the Special Operations instructions to be issued to Unified and Specific Major Commands and Commanders.” Eisenhower (a) expresses concern about inflaming the UFO situation with the Soviets; (b) reiterates that both the CIA and the NSA had leading roles to play in the UFO program; and (c) confirms that both Robert Oppenheimer and Albert Einstein (described as the director of Project JEHOVAH) were involved in research relating to UFO physics.

Special Operations Manual

 SOM1-01: Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal, April 1954   Part 1, pages 1-13 (2.7 MB*) Authenticity Meter: High Level

“WARNING! This is a TOP SECRET-MAJIC EYES ONLY Document containing compartmentalized information essential to the national security of the United States. EYES ONLY ACCESS to the material herein is strictly limited to personnel possessing MAJIC-12 CLEARENCE LEVEL. Examination or use by unauthorized personnel is strictly forbidden and is punishable by federal law.” This document outlines the procedures and goals of the recovery, cleansing of the area, taking inventory, and disposal of a crash site materials.

 Part 2, pages 14-25 (2.8 MB*) 
*please note this file may take up to 30 min. to download on a slow connection

This 32-page manual shows the crafts as being disk-shaped, cigar-shaped, triangular or ice cream cone shaped. Entities are of two types – EBEs (extraterrestrial Biological Entities), both described in some detail. They’re not known to terrestrial science. It says that security is of massive importance. One of the principal objectives is to keep the public in the dark, a primary focus of this document. In chapter 4, titled “Receiving and Handling”, this document gives crating and uncrating instructions on where you send the parts, or the bodies, and other materials, how you protect the biological materials and the non-biological materials differently, and how you regularly do this on foreign soil – it has different packing instructions for foreign soil shipments from those of the Continental U.S. It provides instructions for good UFOB reporting – and UFOB was the label that was being used at that time by the Air Force. For a couple of years they used that label instead of UFO. The last page is very impressive. The references are genuine on page 28; you can go to the Archives and get a 1954 document and get the same reference numbers, the same reference titles, word for word, comma for comma.

Nature of Survey Fragment

 “Nature of Survey” Fragment, 1955 (70k) Authenticity Meter: Medium Level

This one-page document with “1955” handwritten on it is a fragment of a larger document. Two-thirds of the contents refer to the “Nature of Survey” which begins with: “An analysis has been made of the first one-hundred publications in the AFSA Unidentified Flying Object Intelligence Reports, prepared by the U.S. Army Security Service, the U.S. Naval Security Group, and the U.S. Air Force Security Service. Additional reports were reviewed which originated from respective branches intelligence departments. These reports were produced in order to establish what material of UFO intelligence is of value in relation to the New Mexico incidents and the ongoing MAJESTIC PROGRAM.”

Bowen Manuscript

 Bowen Manuscript, 1959? (14 page sample) (616k) Authenticity Meter: High Level

Perhaps the most stunning physical evidence for the existence of the TOP SECRET/MAJIC program is this original 339 page manuscript about flying saucers. Written by Vernon Bowen, the original is on watermarked paper with red TOP SECRET/MAJIC stampings on some of the chapters. Most of the rest of the document is marked CONFIDENTIAL. Original handwritten marginalia shows linkages to Project White Hot, Twining, Vannevar Bush, Moon Dust, and Donald Menzel. A well written snapshot of the public history of flying saucers from 1947 to 1954. Bowen was personally well-connected to many top people.