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The New Debunkers

 The New Debunkers: Sparks and Greenwood Rehash Klass, Dr. Robert Wood and Ryan Wood (59 KB) 
In the 2007 MUFON symposium proceedings, two authors claim to show new “proof” that the Majestic 12 documents are a hoax. Through a tangle of theories worthy of the late debunker Philip Klass – they claim that the MJ-12 documents stem from isolated hoaxers at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico, who defrauded even the hapless CIA. Ignoring critical evidence in the MJ-12 documents and claiming vast knowledge of the intelligence world, they scoff that the MJ-12 documents do not deserve further study. By contrast, the Majestic Documents Research Team, led by Dr. Robert M. Wood and Ryan S. Wood, believes that serious researchers deserve more than tabloid conspiracy theories, and after in-depth consideration of this paper, remain confident that many of the MJ-12 documents show evidence of authenticity. MUFON’s publication raises keen questions about the standards of evidence, caliber of reasoning and processes of professional discourse affecting UFO studies.

Famous UFO Quotes

 Famous UFO Quotes – Presidents, Ryan Wood (1.7 MB) 
This presentation includes quotations from 47 famous political and military leaders. Profound insight into the UFO enigma is often directly stated. For example, President Regan said “I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an Alien threat from outside this world.” And General Nathan Twining, “The phenomenon reported is something real and not visionary or fictitious.” Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell said, “The evidence points to the fact that Roswell was a real incident and that indeed an alien craft did crash, and the material was recovered from the crash site.” J. Edgar Hoover said, “We must insist upon full access to disks recovered. For instance, in the L.A. case, the Army grabbed it and would not let us have it for cursory examination.”

MUFON 2001 Proceedings

 Mounting Evidence For Authenticity of MJ-12 Documents, by Robert M. Wood (54k) 
Paper presented at the International MUFON Symposium in Irvine, CA, July 2001. 
Ever since the first “leaked” MJ-12 Eisenhower Briefing Document in 1984 describing a top-secret crash recovery program, the authenticity of UFO documents has been questioned. With the continuing exposure of hundreds of classified pages by numerous unidentified sources, the evidence favoring authenticity is mounting. This paper will update the status of the available documents, generally what they say and provide a concise status of the issues regarding authenticity, including the answers to those with a skeptical view. Of particular significance will be the results of research and forensic studies, including those on 22 pages on original paper, where chromatographic ink dating and other state of the art techniques clearly indicate that the documents were likely to have been created long ago and cannot be modern high tech fakes. The classic comparisons with archival authentic documents show the expected similarities, and the content is shown to be consistent with numerous arcane facts known to only scholars in historiography. Difficulties with identical signatures will be explored, including the astonishing possibility that the sophisticated document cover-up started in the early stages of documentation in the State Department in the 40s. Remarkably, the most likely hypothesis is that we are seeing a leak of copies of genuine documents held in personal files for decades. The conclusion is that we have had a stunningly successful UFO research cover-up for five decades and if these crashes and recoveries occurred, such documents ought to exist.

MUFON 2001 Proceedings

 The First Roswell: Evidence For A Crash Retrieval In Cape Girardeau Missouri In 1941, by Ryan S. Wood (1.3 MB) 
Paper presented at the International MUFON Symposium in Irvine, CA, July 2001. 
This paper reviews the primary and secondary sources and evidence for the reality of an extraterrestrial spacecraft crash-retrieval in Cape Girardeau, Missouri in the spring of 1941. It draws upon the new Majestic and Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit intelligence documents that support the hypothesis of an extraterestrial crash and reviews the authenticity results for each. Furthermore, suggestive and supporting authentic documents interconnect to these new ones and ultimately advance the reasonable conclusion that according to both the paper trail and witnesses this is the “First Roswell.” Close attention is paid to the primary witness, Reverend Huffman, and related testimony of granddaughter Charlette Mann. Historical research in the area has identified other witnesses and likely participants in the event. Specifics, of police, fire, photographers, coroners and military commanders that likely should have been at the scene are analyzed and tested for accuracy. Other sources are analyzed for validity and contrasted with known historical facts, pinning down the date and location of the event.

MUFON Journal May 2001

 Marilyn Monroe & UFOs: Is There A Connection? by Donald Burleson (1.2 MB) 
MUFON Journal. May 2001 
Dr. Donald R. Burleson further authenticates the Marilyn Monroe document with a nice investigation into subtle images at the top of the document that reference Brigadier General George Schulgen who in 1947 was chief of Air Intelligence Requirements Division of the Army AirCorps Intelligence. After reading his article it should be clear that Marilyn Monroe very likely knew some damaging national security secrets learned from Kennedy and it is not inconceivable that she was murdered to keep her mouth shut.

MUFON 2000 Proceedings

 Validating the New Majestic Documents, by Robert M. Wood (2 MB) 
Paper presented at the International MUFON Symposium in St. Louis, MO, on July 15, 2000. 
A number of different sources have provided document copies of varying provenance and quality. The documents appear to be classified as part of a former top secret program by the code name of Majestic-12, with the code caveats MAJIC or MJ-12. The genuineness and authenticity of these hundreds of classified pages and thousands of other less classified pages from these sources is continually being assessed. Recent results of ink, paper, watermark, type, and typewriter dating show that many of them are almost certainly not modern forgeries, done with sophisticated computer equipment. The evidence for authenticity, based on numerous examples of scarcely known facts, is sometimes offset by an occasional unconfirmed anachronism whose explanation is unclear. Similarities of chirography (handwriting) and wording with allegedly authentic documents, together with an occasional inconsistent fact, pose some challenges for the questioned document examiner. The only other viable explanation of psychological warfare against our enemies in the “early” years seems to be awkward and unconvincing. Given the certain reality of UFO crash retrievals from numerous witnesses and the near certainty that some documentation would have been created, the most likely conclusion is that the documents are essentially genuine in the story that they tell. The cover-up has been more sophisticated and in place much longer than most have speculated, and several pieces of new evidence point to an early cover-up strategy effectively at work shortly after the crash of 1941.

Another Look at Majestic

 Another Look at Majestic, by Robert M. Wood and Ryan S. Wood (1 MB) 
MUFON Journal, March 1999 
This paper leads off with a FOIA released document form the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency showing a file distribution of “CIA Top Secret MJ-12.” The March 1999 paper then goes on to summarize the provenance of five document sources, provides responses to criticisms, and concludes with a snapshot of why each document is genuine, based on its content and authorship, type and handwriting, originals condition and chronology. These are the basic tools of the questioned document examiner.

Psychological Warfare Operations

 Psychological Warfare and the Majestic Documents: Little Evidence of Deception, by Ryan S. Wood (74k) 
This paper on Psychological Warfare and the Majestic documents leads the reader through the basic principles of psywar and psychological operations (psyop). It then develops a series of tests or criteria to determine the fingerprints of a psywar operation and tests those criteria against the body of “leaked” Majestic-12 documents. Career military experts in psywar are interviewed and find no evidence that the Majestic documents are intended for a specific target or to accomplish a defined objective, a necessary prerequisite of an effective psyop. In fact, these documents if leaked in the 50’s or 60’s would have engendered intense espionage by many foreign powers – exactly the wrong outcome.

Tim Cooper's Mailbox

 Ten Reasons Why Tim Cooper is NOT A Provenance Problem, by Ryan S. Wood (10k) 
This one page summarizes the main reasons why Tim Cooper does not cast doubt on the authenticity of the leaked Majestic-12 documents. Several of the key reasons for this conclusion are that he did not seek out publicity or money – typical motives of forgers. Second, if it were not for Bob and Ryan Wood taking the time to meet him and gain his trust, the documents would still be in his attic gathering dust; Tim didn’t think they were real and was more interested in the JFK assassination. Third is that there are clear, independent investigation trails past Tim Cooper: real documents were mailed and postmarked at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia and Ft. Meade, Maryland FOIA office.