The Evidence We Are Not Alone

Chronicling the history of the military and government involvement with the UFO phenomenon, including the MJ-12 (Majestic) Documents, and other key evidence of the cover up of advanced technology & craft recovery occurring since at least 1941

The Majestic Documents

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The Documents

Documents spanning the 1940's to the present era on government approaches to UFO/ET topics.

The Investigations

Many official investigations have been done which have revealed substantial evidence for UFO claims.

The Witnesses

First hand, government & military witnesses corroborate many areas of UFO investigation.

Majestic Documents History

President Truman Authorizes Investigative Groups

Many documents have suggested a Majestic 12 organization being formed in the same time frame as the Roswell crash. Read More...

Read MoreSeptember 1947

Eisenhower Briefed on Majestic 12 Activities

Credible documents suggest Majestic 12 acitivities continued and expanded in the 1950s under President Eisenhower. Read More...

Read MoreNovember 1952

JFK's Interest in UFOs and Murder Linked to MJ-12 Activity

Infamous "Burned Memo" and other documents suggest interest by John F Kennedy in the UFO subject could be connected to his demise. Read More...

Read More1963

Tim Cooper Starts Receiving Documents from CIA Source

In the spring of 1992 Tim received the Marilyn Monroe document and others from what Tim believes to be a former CIA employee — most likely an archivist or someone with access to obscure classified historical files. Read More...

Read MoreSpring 1992

Salina, Daughter of T. Cantwheel Leaks Further Details to Cooper

A number of significant documents begin arriving through a new source, Salina, to Tim Cooper. Read More...

Read More1996