Salina — Daughter of Cantwheel

In 1996, Tim Cooper received through the U.S. Mail a handwritten letter from Canthweel’s daughter who claimed to have been employed in the CIA for over 20 years and was a close associate with DDCI James Jesus Angelton (1954–1974). J.J. Angelton ran the agency’s most secret directorate and reported directly to DCI Allen W. Dulles until 1961. Salina claims that the Counter Intelligence (CI) ran all the high-level intelligence collection activities outside of normal channels within the agency’s UFO program initiated by General Walter B. Smith in late 1952. Smith brought in Angelton and Dulles as consultants for the program under what is suspected as MK-ULTRA, MJ-TWELVE, and Operation MAGNITUDE, in conjunction with a State Department intelligence unit for PSYOP activities and active measures against Soviets.

Approved by President Truman under the Top Secret directive dated October 24, 1952, the United States Communications Intelligence Board (USCIB) was directed to reconstitute the USCIB’s COMINT activities through the National Security Agency, in which the DCI, Secretary of Defense and State would form a “Special Committee” to oversee the seven-man USCIB/NSA oversight committee. Salina served as a coordinator between CI and NSA COMINT operations.

In 1999, Cooper received an alleged original carbon copy of a 1961 CI/MJ-12 directive copy from DCI to MJ1-7 concerning UFO policy and presidential KNT with a letter from former CI employee “Scotty” outlining Salina’s wish to release the directive “in a responsible manner” which Cooper gave to the Woods for forensic examination. A very reliable PSYOP officer who was contracted by the CIA in the 70’s has confirmed Salina’s existence and employment in J.J. Angelton’s CI organization.

It is possible that MJ-12 was a informal and unauthorized group acting outside of normal intelligence channels, classified above the president, and CI maintained control of it at least until Angelton’s dismissal in 1974. It is also possible that the Office of Technical Services (OTS) created and administered MJ-TWELVE, the same office that ran MK-ULTRA and related operations.