The Tor Browser & Encrypting Communications

The “Tor Browser” is a way of connecting to the internet with a special program that you can download from here which allows your anonymity and security to be maintained. Technical details of how the Tor network does this are described on the official site.

There may also be some advantages in using a VPN service program, such as Private Internet Access (or many others), in order to add a further layer in between you, your internet company, and the information you are receiving or sending over the internet.

If you interested in further protecting yourself with any online communications, we also recommend learning about PGP Encryption and possibly encrypting your communications with us using our Public PGP Key. Communicating using encryption through Public PGP keys helps to ensure that the means of decryption of those communications can be kept entirely offline, and therefore only the intended recipients are able to see what is being sent.

Download the Tor Browser Here