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Majestic Documents Majestic Documents Majestic Documents Majestic Documents Majestic Documents
Majestic Documents Majestic Documents Majestic Documents Majestic Documents Majestic Documents Majestic Documents Majestic Documents Majestic Documents Majestic Documents Majestic Documents
Majestic Documents Majestic Documents Majestic Documents Majestic Documents Majestic Documents Majestic Documents Majestic Documents Majestic Documents Majestic Documents Majestic Documents


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Preface to Authentication

The intent of this section is to provide the reader with an overview of authentication, not a step-by-step march through all the logic and supporting materials that we have developed and uncovered in this ongoing and authentication effort. We are in the process of writing a book, making a documentary and expanding our research.

The goal here is to give you some of the highlights of why the documents are both interesting and genuine. The next level of intricate discussion is provided on our CD ROM, The Secret: Evidence We Are Not Alone.

Introduction to the Majestic Documents Authentication Problem

“Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof. Where is the evidence?” That quotation from Carl Sagan captures the essence of skepticism by scientists today, and they're looking for more proof than they can get from fuzzy photographs and from testimony based on distant memories. What we have here is the evidence. We have scores of documents, hundreds of thousands of words, hundreds of pages, of which most are top secret code word. Not just photocopies, but originals with real inks, watermarks and testable paper. The vast majority has never been seen before.

We present here the detailed documentation that seems to place the stamp of reality upon the recovery of crashed extraterrestrial vehicles by the United States from 1947–1954. This validates what most people already accept: there is extraterrestrial life and we are not alone. This presentation by Dr. Robert M. and Ryan S. Wood follows chronologically a paper evidence trail left by former Presidents, military and intelligence leaders of the time. It tells what they did to keep the alien artifacts from our enemies, to learn the secrets of alien technology, and to advance science. While many might say that today's secrecy is unethical, evil and unconstitutional it can be cogently argued that the original men were patriots not only for our country, but also for all mankind by reducing the risk of nuclear war. However, equally powerful arguments build the case that the leaders are criminals for abrogating the Constitution and for denying the entire planet of significant advances in standard of living and quality of life for the least 30 years.

Research on the authenticity of this rich set of documents is a continuing process, and equally important is the search for witnesses willing to share their first hand experience and to confirm the accuracy of the documentation.

The authentication effort is multifaceted, including experts in military history, intelligence, forensics, archival research and investigation. The two primary investigators, Robert M. Wood and Ryan S. Wood are a father-son team who have been exploring beyond the fringes of truth about the documentation of crashed alien vehicles. Their focus is demonstrable proof, documents, witnesses and courtroom quality evidence. They have worked hard in ufology to get where they are today. It was their ability to build trust with one of the most well-known UFO researchers, Stanton T. Friedman, that won the confidence of Timothy Cooper to share his deep-throat papers reportedly obtained from the mysterious former intelligence agent Cantwheel, one of the key sources of the Majestic documents as discussed in the Sources section of this website.

Critic's Arguments are Often Speculative

On the issue of authenticity, we'd also like to note that in ufology there has been a lot of friction and animosity and people jumping up and saying “Well, you can't prove it's real because...,” and this “might have been,” or it “should have been,” or it “could have been...” What we like to do is to deal with facts and specifics, not generalities. You'll see this theme as we proceed. But we admit that authenticity is never certain, even with an original. If you can't date the paper, you can't ever say for sure that it's authentic. And we don't have original documents yet. But, the kind of question you have to ask is how do you tell the difference between the real and the fake? This is where Bob's experience and background come into play. During the 1970s, his job at McDonnell Douglas was to design radar algorithms that would help recognize the difference between a large re-entry vehicle containing a nuclear weapon and a small decoy designed to fool the radar. He developed several successful discriminants that, when applied, yielded statistically significant accuracy in distinguishing between true RVs and decoys. It is these same techniques that we're trying to use in principle here to tell the difference between fake documents and genuine documents. There is no a priori reason to favor one over the other before applying some logical tests. The net result should be something that you could take to a courtroom and say something like, “The probability is ten to the minus four that these documents are not genuine.”

Document Discrimination

The criteria that we use are quite specific, and there are five. First, is anything we know about the original — whatever that is, even if it's a roll of film, it is the original for us, even though it might have come from some earlier original. Second, you look at the typography, namely the type, the style, the paper, the insignia and the chirography and evaluate the handwriting and signatures. Third, look for things that are out of place chronologically. Fourth, check the content and its links and consistency with other classified documents and between documents in the outside world. And fifth, then look at provenance — provenance of course dealing with the origination of the documents and the chain of ownership that has occurred. Now, our weakest link is the provenance because we can't prove that Timothy Cooper got these documents out of his mailbox the way he says he did. Overall, there are some things we call “zingers,” and this is something we'll discuss later. An example is the raised “z” in one of the documents. A “zinger” is one argument so impressive that — all alone — it says the document is authentic.

Summary Arguments For Authenticity

The Oppenheimer-Einstein Draft

The title of the first document is “Relationship with Inhabitants of Celestrial Bodies.” “Celestrial” should have been “Celestial.” This is probably a copy of a carbon copy of a draft prepared by a secretary from dictation, and the secretary did not know how to spell this word. Generally, forensic examiners find that errors present in documents tend to indicate authenticity instead of lack of authenticity. Fakers usually try to make sure they're perfect. This is a six-page document, single-spaced, pica type. It has an elite type note with initials of Vannevar Bush at the end. This is the first document to use the phrase Extraterrestrial Biological Entities, or EBEs. It says the presence of unidentified spacecraft is accepted as de facto by the military – and this is in June 1947. It deals with the subjects that you'd expect competent scientists to deal with, i.e., where do they come from, what does the law say about it, what should we do, and why are they here? Those are the subjects of this six-page document.

On the first page of the six-page document, note the top secret classification. As you can see, there are not many extra marks on the document. The last page shows no signatures, but it does show Vannevar Bush's initials after the note that essentially says “I don't think that we should let Einstein talk to the President and Gordon Gray agrees.” While the language usage does not reflect the refined writing of Oppenheimer, it is easy to imagine that Einstein, dictating with an accent, might have produced these words. However, there is one unusual authentication feature that ensures they are genuine, and it will be treated in a future release. The principal factors favoring authenticity are:

  1. Literary analysis compares favorably with other Albert Einstein pieces during period of interest, for example the use of Latin, German and Jewish words is appropriate for Einstein.
  2. Period manual typewriter
  3. Authentic Bush initials in his hand on note on last page
  4. Einstein officially retired from the Institute of Advanced Studies in 1945 but continued to live and work in Princeton, NJ when the draft was written in 1947.

Field Order 862, The Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit

This document is also marked top secret. It came from the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for G2 (counterintelligence), which was Chamberlin and there's a big C, which is being compared with Chamberlin's initials. It is Field Order 862. Basically, it says for the officer in charge (OIC) to take a team down and report to the G2 at Condron Field, New Mexico, which is at White Sands Proving Grounds. He is to take along an aeronautical engineer, a scientist, a security officer and a medical doctor, provide a report by the 28th of July. They beat the deadline, as we will see shortly.

Articles Regarding Authentication

MUFON 2001 Proceedings

Mounting Evidence For Authenticity of MJ-12 Documents, by Robert M. Wood (54k)
Paper presented at the International MUFON Symposium in Irvine, CA, July 2001.
Ever since the first “leaked” MJ-12 Eisenhower Briefing Document in 1984 describing a top-secret crash recovery program, the authenticity of UFO documents has been questioned. With the continuing exposure of hundreds of classified pages by numerous unidentified sources, the evidence favoring authenticity is mounting. This paper will update the status of the available documents, generally what they say and provide a concise status of the issues regarding authenticity, including the answers to those with a skeptical view. Of particular significance will be the results of research and forensic studies, including those on 22 pages on original paper, where chromatographic ink dating and other state of the art techniques clearly indicate that the documents were likely to have been created long ago and cannot be modern high tech fakes. The classic comparisons with archival authentic documents show the expected similarities, and the content is shown to be consistent with numerous arcane facts known to only scholars in historiography. Difficulties with identical signatures will be explored, including the astonishing possibility that the sophisticated document cover-up started in the early stages of documentation in the State Department in the 40s. Remarkably, the most likely hypothesis is that we are seeing a leak of copies of genuine documents held in personal files for decades. The conclusion is that we have had a stunningly successful UFO research cover-up for five decades and if these crashes and recoveries occurred, such documents ought to exist.

MUFON 2001 Proceedings

The First Roswell: Evidence For A Crash Retrieval In Cape Girardeau Missouri In 1941, by Ryan S. Wood (1.3 MB)
Paper presented at the International MUFON Symposium in Irvine, CA, July 2001.
This paper reviews the primary and secondary sources and evidence for the reality of an extraterrestrial spacecraft crash-retrieval in Cape Girardeau, Missouri in the spring of 1941. It draws upon the new Majestic and Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit intelligence documents that support the hypothesis of an extraterestrial crash and reviews the authenticity results for each. Furthermore, suggestive and supporting authentic documents interconnect to these new ones and ultimately advance the reasonable conclusion that according to both the paper trail and witnesses this is the “First Roswell.” Close attention is paid to the primary witness, Reverend Huffman, and related testimony of granddaughter Charlette Mann. Historical research in the area has identified other witnesses and likely participants in the event. Specifics, of police, fire, photographers, coroners and military commanders that likely should have been at the scene are analyzed and tested for accuracy. Other sources are analyzed for validity and contrasted with known historical facts, pinning down the date and location of the event.

MUFON Journal May 2001

Marilyn Monroe & UFOs: Is There A Connection? by Donald Burleson (1.2 MB)
MUFON Journal. May 2001
Dr. Donald R. Burleson further authenticates the Marilyn Monroe document with a nice investigation into subtle images at the top of the document that reference Brigadier General George Schulgen who in 1947 was chief of Air Intelligence Requirements Division of the Army AirCorps Intelligence. After reading his article it should be clear that Marilyn Monroe very likely knew some damaging national security secrets learned from Kennedy and it is not inconceivable that she was murdered to keep her mouth shut.

MUFON 2000 Proceedings

Validating the New Majestic Documents, by Robert M. Wood (2 MB)
Paper presented at the International MUFON Symposium in St. Louis, MO, on July 15, 2000.
A number of different sources have provided document copies of varying provenance and quality. The documents appear to be classified as part of a former top secret program by the code name of Majestic-12, with the code caveats MAJIC or MJ-12. The genuineness and authenticity of these hundreds of classified pages and thousands of other less classified pages from these sources is continually being assessed. Recent results of ink, paper, watermark, type, and typewriter dating show that many of them are almost certainly not modern forgeries, done with sophisticated computer equipment. The evidence for authenticity, based on numerous examples of scarcely known facts, is sometimes offset by an occasional unconfirmed anachronism whose explanation is unclear. Similarities of chirography (handwriting) and wording with allegedly authentic documents, together with an occasional inconsistent fact, pose some challenges for the questioned document examiner. The only other viable explanation of psychological warfare against our enemies in the "early" years seems to be awkward and unconvincing. Given the certain reality of UFO crash retrievals from numerous witnesses and the near certainty that some documentation would have been created, the most likely conclusion is that the documents are essentially genuine in the story that they tell. The cover-up has been more sophisticated and in place much longer than most have speculated, and several pieces of new evidence point to an early cover-up strategy effectively at work shortly after the crash of 1941.

Another Look at Majestic

Another Look at Majestic, by Robert M. Wood and Ryan S. Wood (1 MB)
MUFON Journal, March 1999
This paper leads off with a FOIA released document form the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency showing a file distribution of "CIA Top Secret MJ-12." The March 1999 paper then goes on to summarize the provenance of five document sources, provides responses to criticisms, and concludes with a snapshot of why each document is genuine, based on its content and authorship, type and handwriting, originals condition and chronology. These are the basic tools of the questioned document examiner.

Psychological Warfare Operations

Psychological Warfare and the Majestic Documents: Little Evidence of Deception, by Ryan S. Wood (74k)
This paper on Psychological Warfare and the Majestic documents leads the reader through the basic principles of psywar and psychological operations (psyop). It then develops a series of tests or criteria to determine the fingerprints of a psywar operation and tests those criteria against the body of "leaked" Majestic-12 documents. Career military experts in psywar are interviewed and find no evidence that the Majestic documents are intended for a specific target or to accomplish a defined objective, a necessary prerequisite of an effective psyop. In fact, these documents if leaked in the 50's or 60's would have engendered intense espionage by many foreign powers — exactly the wrong outcome.

Tim Cooper's Mailbox

Ten Reasons Why Tim Cooper is NOT A Provenance Problem, by Ryan S. Wood (10k)
This one page summarizes the main reasons why Tim Cooper does not cast doubt on the authenticity of the leaked Majestic-12 documents. Several of the key reasons for this conclusion are that he did not seek out publicity or money — typical motives of forgers. Second, if it were not for Bob and Ryan Wood taking the time to meet him and gain his trust, the documents would still be in his attic gathering dust; Tim didn't think they were real and was more interested in the JFK assassination. Third is that there are clear, independent investigation trails past Tim Cooper: real documents were mailed and postmarked at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia and Ft. Meade, Maryland FOIA office.

Video Interview Regarding Document Authentication
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Ryan Wood

Ryan Wood on Authentication Challenges (2:39)

Ryan Wood

Ryan Wood on the Truman Signature Issue (2:02)

Ryan Wood

Are the Documents Genuine? (2:25)

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