Source S2: Package 2 Contents

Contents of Package #2: “Evaluated by CIA Project Blue Book, FYI/S2”

  1. NICAP Cases – Typed with handwritten annotations – 12 pages stamped “Tentative Secret Forward to MAJCOM” Includes 1st page note “N.M. Cases pulled from Project Sign and Classified TS, 1) Corona, 2) Socorro, 3) WSPG” original old and yellowed paper.
  2. 6”x9” envelope stamped “Tentative Secret Forward to MAJCOM” with a handwritten note “Examined at NPIC and Evaluated at CIA”. The envelope contains six pictures (4-B&W;, 2-Color) of UFOs 1957-1965.
  3. Appendix G – Dr. Paul M. Fitts – Psychological Analysis of Reports of Unidentified Aerial Objects, 28, April 1949, Aero Medical Laboratory, Unclassified (Previously Confidential) 17 pages.
  4. 22 negatives 3.75”x4.75”, W/O 2568, Dated 20 July 1967, subject UFO – “Tentative Secret Forward to MAJCOM”
  5. DoD 5200.1-R Information Security Program Regulation, November 1973, labeled “UFO Desk” 114 pages, typeset.
  6. Army Regulation No. 380-5, 22 July, 1974, Supplement to DoD 5200.1-R (DODISPR) Effective 15, September 1974
  7. Army Regulation No 340-16, 7 August 1975 – “Safeguarding ‘For Official Use Only’ Information” effective 15 September 1975 – 5 pages.
  8. Appendix E-1. E-2 Rand Corporation, letters dated 29, March 1947 and 13 December 1948. E-2 is a letter to General Putt from James E. Lipp about Space Ship Considerations. Unclassified.
  9. Library of Congress legislative Reference Service (UG633, SP109) Facts about Unidentified Flying Objects, May 5, 1966. Washington DC. Labeled “CIA Copy” in corner.
  10. Electro-Magnetic Effects Associated with UFOs by Washington DC, Subcommittee of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomenon (NICAP) June 1960. Labeled “CIA Copy” – 26 pages.
  11. Letter from John H. Pitman to Editor of Life Magazine Henry R. Luce dated April 9, 1952, 7 pages, onionskin with several 3”x5” card attachments. Shows that Life’s “Scientific Evidence Article” was a strange mixture of fact, fantasy and false conclusions.
  12. Las Vegas Sun Magazine, October 28, 1979 – Do UFOs Pose a Threat to national Security? UFOs Intrigue FBI, CIA – Declassified Records form Federal Agencies Reveal Startling Information. 3 – pages by Patrick Huyghe.
  13. Look Magazine, March 21, 1967, 10 pages
  14. Review and Herald, by Editor F. D. Nichol, April 6, 1961, 16 pages. Labeled “CIA Copy”