Thomas Cryll “Cy” Cantwheel

Thomas Cryll “Cy” Cantwheel is the man who provided many of the early mailbox drops according to Cantwheel’s first hand testimony to Mr. Cooper one evening. Cooper investigated Cantwheel and wrote a five page legal preliminary analysis dated 26 February 1996 which can be downloaded here. Cantwheel claims to be part the Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC), Scientific and Technical Branch, Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit (IPU) from 1942-1958. We know that the IPU exists from FOIA correspondence. According to Cantwheel he served in the CIC until 1980 and worked for CIA covert operations in the 60s, and had contacts with the FBI, KGB and GRU. he claims to have retired as a Lt. Col and been involved with the Majestic Community (MAJCOM) and the super secret 54/12 group. The report continues on to state both Cantwheel’s comments to Mr. Cooper and Cooper’s analysis of Cantwheel’s statements, with an excellent conclusion by Cooper at the end.

Below is the four page Cantwheel Report.